Upcoming Programmes in IV Medication Study Day

Programme Rationale:

IV Medication Management is an integral aspect of clinical practice for midwives and nurses. It is vital that midwives and nurses practice safely to ensure that women and babies receive quality care (Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice Framework, NMBI, 2015).

Course Philosophy:

Midwives and Nurses who participate in this study day are engaging in Continuing Professional Development. In the Centre for Midwifery Education we commit to an andragogical approach to learning in which proactivity, enquiry and autonomy feature predominatly (Quinn, 2013). As a result we acknowledge that midwife/nurse participants are adult learners who have exisiting knowledge and a wealth of experience and therefore utilise teaching strategies that encourage reflection, dialogue and debate. Continuing Professional Development contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of competence and is expected of every midwife and nurse (Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives, NMBI 2014). Value is placed on the experience, expertise and ability of programme facilitators to impart evidence based knowledge.

Programme Aim:

This course aims to facilitate registered midwives and nurses develop their knowledge in relation to the management of intravenous medication.

Learning Outcomes:

to identify the pharmacological principles implicit in the administration of drugs by the intravenous route and the            implications for practice.

to critically appraise methods of intravenous drug administration and evaluate the management of potential        complications that may result from administering drugs by the intravenous route.

to critically analyse midwives and nurses' professional and legal responsibilities in the management and administration of drugs by the intravenous route.

Indicative Content:

Professional issues in relation to intravenous medication management.

Infection Control and Aseptic non touch technique.

Management of Anaphylaxis.

Clinical Risk and intravenous medication management.

Pharmaceutical aspects of intravenous medication management including drug calculations