04 September Sep

Facilitator Skills Workshop (Day 1)

04 September 2019, 08:00AM to 03:30PM
Maureen McCabe room, Education Centre, Coombe Hospital, Cork Street, Dublin 8.

This 2-day programme, delivered by the National Leadership and Innovation centre, supports healthcare staff to develop a common understanding of facilitation, and to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours for effective facilitation and co-facilitation.  For those who have prior experience of delivering training or education it can act as a self-review. 


Participants must facilitate, co-facilitate or shadow a facilitator between the programme days and provide feedback on Day 2. The format for the programme is interactive participation, reflection and shared learning. The programme is open to all staff required to facilitate structured learning sessions, (workshop, educational or training sessions, one to one sessions, and meetings) in health and social care, and related settings.