25 January Jan

Programme Rationale:

The Saving lives, Improving Mothers' Care Report (2014) continues to identify the benefits of a team approach to making motherhood safer. This report highlights initial failures by many clinical staff in immediately recognising and acting on the signs and symptoms of potentially life threatening conditions along with a lack of recognition and management of the critically ill pregnant woman and inpending maternal collapse. Poor communication and suboptimal teamworking have also been shown to have contributed to maternal mortality. The value of multiprofessional training is emerging as a key component of improving care for women. The NMBI in its Practice Standards for Midwives (2015) emphasises the responsibility that midwives have to develop and maintain competence in providing safe and effective midwifery care.

Programme Philosophy:

The underpinning philosophy is that teams who work together should train together. The emphasis is on team working, communication skills, appreciating the different roles within the multiprofessional team, understanding shared decision making, recognising the value of' standing back and taking a broader view of the situation', all for the purpose of managing obstetric emergency situations effectively and safely.